A Nova Scotia Artist & Author

A Nova Scotia Artist & Author

A Momentary Panic

“Somebody took my wallet!” The teen girl appealed to the bustling crowd in the Chinese Pavilion at the World’s Fair. “Help me!”

A few raised eyebrows were the only reply.

In less than a moment, the wallet was found – in her other hand. Panic melted away and was replaced with relief…and slight humiliation.

Yes, yes, I’m that girl. I was reminded of this memory when I saw someone’s facebook post about “losing” their car. Looking back now, I’m thinking three things:

1) Why didn’t someone just tell me the truth?

2) Things usually aren’t as bad as they first appear.

3) Dreams do come true.

The first two thoughts are likely self explanatory so it’s the third idea I’d like to mull over for a second. The reason I was in the Chinese Pavilion was because at the age of thirteen, I already felt connected to this country. My grandfather, son of a missionary, had been born there and I had a dream that one day I would go to China and bring home a daughter.

That dream came true.

Sometimes life feels like a minefield of “momentary panics.” Yes, some circumstances are far more serious than a lost wallet. Even so, I believe that truth will win out, things will turn around for our good, and dreams will be fulfilled.

May God bless you.

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