A Nova Scotia Artist & Author

A Nova Scotia Artist & Author


Photo on 14-05-08 at 1.52 PMCynthia d’Entremont is the founder of Riviola Narrative International. It is her vision to see voices arise from around the world and share stories of truth, wisdom, hope, and healing. Cynthia facilitates writing workshops for all ages and speaks on topics such as creativity and perseverance. For business professionals and individuals working on a specific writing project, Cynthia offers one-on-one coaching services.

Cynthia’s credentials include a Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education, and Bachelor of Arts. She is a seasoned academic researcher, teacher, and administrator with a diploma in Writing for Children and Teens. Cynthia has served as judge in writing competitions sponsored by the Writers’ Union of Canada and the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. As the author of two novels, Unlocked and Oak Island Revenge, Cynthia has experience in the creation and editing process. She has participated in the Writers’ in the Schools program and has facilitated over one hundred and fifty writing workshops. Cynthia is the winner of the Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Award, a Nova Scotia Talent Trust Scholarship in Literary Arts, the Word Guild Writing Award for Fantasyand the Word Guild Writing Award for Young Adults.

Oak Island Revenge, Cynthia’s second novel for young adults, was nominated for the 2014 Red Maple Award, sponsored by the Ontario Library Association.

Along with writing coaching, Cynthia is developing a picture book to facilitate discussion on mental health concerns with the goal of building resilience in children. She serves on the Curriculum Task Force with the Writers’ Union of Canada and is a part-time specialist teacher in the public school system.



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