A Nova Scotia Artist & Author

A Nova Scotia Artist & Author


Our vision is to help you achieve your nonfiction and fiction writing goals.

Professionals and leaders hold a wealth of information and knowledge to share. Our research found that 90% of individuals surveyed had a desire to one day write a book.

Q. What is the range of manuscript coaching services offered?

A. As individual needs may differ, so do our services. Some clients benefit from a critique on a draft manuscript and other clients require a structured plan to move from concept to a full manuscript. Our initial consultation will help define your goals and suggest an appropriate level of service.

Q. Who benefits from coaching services?

A. It is our philosophy that anyone who has the desire to create a book manuscript has the potential to achieve this goal. If you are ready to embark on this journey with intention, and require support, we are here to help.

Q. Can you guarantee that my manuscript will be accepted for publication or error free?

A. We offer support in helping clients reach their writing goals as they develop a manuscript. As a coaching service, we make suggestions based on our understanding of writing and structure. It is at the client’s discretion to choose to implement the suggestions. We cannot make any guarantee that using our service means your manuscript will be accepted for publication or error free.




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